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Evora2 Day Trip from Sesimbra to Evora

Prehistoric and historic Evora - 7000 years of history!

It took me 3 years and 6 stays here in Sesimbra to find out, how to come from Sesimbra to Evora with public transportation, but now I finally found out myself (tourist office was NO help!) and want to share with others:
Take the Bus# 230 from Sesimbra to Setubal (Price 2012: EUR 3,55).
From Setubal to Evora you have the choice between Express or local bus - either Bus# 8555 or 8902 c or e (Price 2012: EUR 7,35).

Depending on the day of the week it takes appr. 3-4 hours to go there. If you have time in Setubal: a short walk takes you to the cathedral, on a nice praca with a little cafe to hang out!

In Evora don't miss to take a tour to the Megalithic monuments! A guided tour will pick you up at 10 AM in the morning from your hotel and is more than worth the EUR 25 it costs (takes apr. 2 hours).
The hotel reception will organize this for you.
See the Roman temple, next to the cathedral, the market hall and the Bone chapel - and the nearby little restaurants and cafes to recreate and have a nice lunch for a good price - avoid the restaurants directly on Praca de Giraldo (here is the tourist info, where you get a map, but not too much information).
I stayed there for 2 nights and it was ok for me - but I want to enjoy without hurry.