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Sesimbra Weather

The weather in Sesimbra is very agreeable year round. Most apartments and houses do not have heating. In the summer it alwasy cools off during the night. In the winter months it never freezes, but it's advisable to bring a good sweater and a windbreaker!
Here the monthly averages in metric and English systems:

MonthAvg. HighAvg. LowAvg. Precip
January15.0° C8.0° C10.92 cm
February16.0° C9.0° C11.18 cm
March18.0° C10.0° C6.86 cm
April19.0° C11.0° C6.35 cm
May22.0° C13.0° C3.81 cm
June25.0° C16.0° C2.03 cm
July27.0° C17.0° C0.51 cm
August28.0° C18.0° C0.51 cm
September26.0° C17.0° C2.54 cm
October22.0° C15.0° C8.13 cm
November18.0° C11.0° C11.43 cm
December15.0° C9.0° C10.92 cm
MonthAvg. HighAvg. LowAvg. Precip
January58.1° F46.8° F4.30 in
February60.1° F48.2° F4.40 in
March63.7° F49.8° F2.70 in
April66.4° F52.0° F2.50 in
May71.1° F55.4° F1.50 in
June76.6° F60.1° F0.80 in
July81.3° F63.3° F0.20 in
August82.2° F63.9° F0.20 in
September79.5° F62.6° F1.00 in
October72.3° F58.3° F3.20 in
November64.0° F52.2° F4.50 in
December58.6° F48.0° F4.30 in