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Where is Sesimbra?

Sesimbra lies about 40 km South of Lisbon. It can easily be reached (see Sesimbra Transportation) from Lisbon and is often visited by Lisboetas just for the day!

To the East of Sesimbra lies ArrĂ¡bida Natural Park with natural caves, more beaches and beautiful trails.

To the West you have more beaches and Lagoa de Albufeira, an ideal spot to learn surfing or kite surfing. Make sure to visit Cabo Espichel with its scenic hiking trails, dinosaur footprints and an old monastery.

To the South: Praia California and the Atlantic Ocean :). This orientation (South) gives this beach its unique character along the Western coast of Portugal: The prevailing winds come from the North and NE. Sesimbra is sheltered and the climate here is warmer than in most places along the coast. That's why May, June, September and October are all good months to come! July and August are really good months to come, but everybody and their grandmother are here as well ..